Overlapping Toes


Overlapping toes occurs when one toe lies over the other toe. This leads to pain and discomfort in the toes. It can affect the joints and also the function of the foot.


The most common cause is the wearing shoes that have narrow toe area. The second most common cause is the foot condition called bunions. Other foot diseases such as hammer toe and high arch can lead to toes overlapping. In younger children overlapping of the fifth toe may take place. It can be due to genetic factors since this condition is found among people of the same families.


The symptoms associated with overlapping toes are pain and discomfort mainly. The overlapping of the fifth toe can lead to a condition known as Tailor’s bunion in which a bump is formed on the dorsal side of the toe joint. Problems during walking also arise.

Treatment (non-surgical)

The first way to get rid of this condition is to avoid using shoes with a narrow toe box. Use of properly fitting shoes is very important. Gel toe caps, toe separators, gel toe straighteners and toe combs are also recommended to provide help and treat this problem.